The reach of your post on LinkedIn is a lot longer than the number of your connections. Like, to your connections’ connections.

It extends to your followers, most of whom you will never meet or interact with. They may be reading you. Give them a reason to continue, religiously.

If you use #s and @s in your post, which you should be, and only up to 5 of them, it extends to thousands of followers of the hashtags and people and companies too.

If you link the post to your Groups, then count on to thousands of similarly-interested pros who share something in common with your interests to want to know what you know..

And finally, if you create another installment on a LinkedIn Newsletter, that goes even further.


850 million people are on LinkedIn.

Wouldn’t you like to catch the attention and have the eyeballs of 1/10 of 1% of them? Use the powertool wisely.

Reach widely and with relevance.