Oh, it is, you say?

Well, my summer extends into September and even October.

I am scheduled to record 2 courses for Lawline, speak in person (!) to a group of nonprofit professionals, present to a networking group, visit a networking group of mid-career pros to answer LinkedIn questions, appear on an audio show  aimed at early career workers, and another AV podcast for the American Bar Association to educate litigators.

All of these I worked on in the extremely hot, drought-dry summer.

Yes I prepped. I redesigned, I updated, I always have to because LInkedIn changes so quickly and my audiences adjust in topic and the thrust of my teaching I want them to take away.

Ah, and isn’t change good, even if the seasons change less frequently than my message?

It sure keeps me sharp, and I hope hones others’ thinking, so I will take my cue and edge out of this monologue…