A colleague asked me,

I had a recommender revise his original 2020 recommendation and then using the newer version, I published it to my profile, but I noticed the 2020 date of the first recommendation did not change.

Is that usual?

If so, is the only way to get the revised recommendation to show a current date to have him rescind the original recommendation and issue a brand new one?


And I honestly could not find an answer the in Help Center. So I thought I would try to go the next step to ask LinkedIn via the Help Center as I have heard their turnaround time was getting better and more effective in answering a question (better than what? Days? Not at all? I have experienced both!)

So I was astonished the answer came in minutes:

The reco was recast, re-posted and now I know how to make the timeframe match the revision.

The question was answered expediently by LinkedIn with full details and fit my needs.

Time captured, used well, and accentuates my client’s best foot forward with new recommendations.

Win-win. Just like I like it!