I’ve spoken about my Ask Me Anything sessions here before. The questions are compelling.

The latest session had an attendee in the midst of renovating her LinkedIn personal profile ask, how do you reorder the sections?

Well, you used to be able to, but you can’t any more.

The petrified order is:

  • Top Card
  • Featured*
  • About
  • Experience* (only current positions)
  • Education*
  • Licenses
  • Volunteering*
  • Skills*
  • Recommendations
  • Publications
  • Courses
  • Projects
  • Honors and Awards
  • Languages
  • Organizations
  • Interests

I will add that I am not sure where Test Scores fits in to the above order, as mine were recorded with styli on clay tablets and are in the stacks in Mesopotamia Public Library, it was that long ago, so I do not include that information!

And my work to date does not include Patents, so will someone tell me where yours fall? Bravo/a to you for being so cerebral to have achieved these as accomplishments.

And within some (not all) of these sections (with asterisks above) you can reorder the appearance of items under them, not necessarily based on chronology, but on how you want to present them to the reader. And Experience in particular only allow you to reorder current jobs, not ones you left.

Finally, the Help Center entry on reordering within the Experience section works the same parallel way in the other sections asterisked above, for you to follow: https://www.linkedin.com/help/linkedin/answer/a786867

Get to the fine tuning the order of how you present your capabilities and change what you can to shine brighter: my suggestion.