Words are shrinking. Or is it our vocabulary (vocab)? Is -o subbing for -ition?

Inspo, a a new word I saw on a sign the other day: it’s short for inspiration. If you ask me, the use of the newly minted word was also short on it; yes, IMHO, which I am not keeping to myself.

Which led to today’s title.

Demo, as in demonstration, (and not demolition although it could be interpreted that way as you will see my development of today’s theme). But it depends on the industry you are in. I am not in building or architectural rehab (or should I say rehabilitation?) or construction (wait, can it be called constro, but I am not aware of that yet?)

Convo, as in conversation, but you probably already knew that.

Preso (or is it prezo?) for presentation. Like I am preso-ing here. (now it’s a verb–why not?)

OK, okay, all words have now been assigned definitions (defos?).

Language is changing. But be sure you use the right words, phrases, and sentence structure for the audience you seek. If you disappoint in any way, shape, or form, they flee your LinkedIn profile and they will not come back for another try.

Don’t experience the dreaded LinkedIn petrifico.

Yes, I am reaching but you get the pointo.