Do not feel compelled to post some news item about your business just to be visible daily/weekly/sporadically unless it reflects really well on you.

Be memorable. Not mind-numbing.

Remember the story of the boy who cried wolf? He kept blabbing and eventually when he had real news no one paid attention.

LinkedIn is the same way. Tell us how you are winning and contributing to our knowledge base, but only when the win is appreciable by others enough to reflect on you:

  1. quoted in an article or a book, with URL
  2. wrote an article that was published, with URL
  3. authored a book: it’s coming, it’s here, it’s been reviewed (see how you can get mileage out of a milestone?)
  4. presented at a public venue with link to handouts if appropriate, or comments you received as a result of presenting
  5. won a new important client (be sure to get client OK first) with gist of the project
  6. interviewed in a podcast with link and callout quotes if possible (ask podcaster first
  7. whatever else floats your boat (like an ocean liner, not your raft).

Not where, who, what you ate breakfast.

Not where, who, what you ate lunch.

Not where, who, what you ate dinner.

See the above 3 meals? I had to ask a connection to stop spamming us with this stuff a number of years ago because, well, ahem, no one cared! He stopped. Then a few weeks later I asked him if he saw any change in his readership and he did! His more meaningful, educational posts were getting comments like they never did before, pre-meal notifications! Point made.

Where do you publicize your now-more-important-posts?

Add them to your Featured section, most recent to the left most pane. Or you can rearrange the Featured panes if you want as I did (have a look)

There are also other 2 places to post the event or news, as is explained in a video (click the just-mentioned link or click the graphic above), recorded before Featured items was possible on LinkedIn).

So post news about you, carefully, meaningfully, strategically. Crying wolf is not cool.