I am a solopreneur.

  1. Everything in my personal LinkedIn profile uses a first person singular pronoun: I, me, my, mine. That’s because it’s a personal profile, one person.
  2. I also have a company profile, now called a Page (with a capital P) for connect2collaborate and Your Best interest LLC. Everything in my Page uses a first person plural pronoun: We, us, our, ours. That’s because my businesses run on collaboration and cooperation provided by others.

Although I am a one man band, the music I make with my own instrumentation comes to you symphonically rather than a lone instrument.

I liken this to a salad: the tastes of all the individual components makes it more savory, rather than a plate of just one ingredient.

Please review your profile usage in your personal profile and Page.

Rewrite as needed.

Now reflect on what is shown there, and answer this: would you buy from you?

No? You can always rewrite the rest of the profile(s) in a marketing voice and come more effectively.

Now you’re talking!