The concert was over, the clock in the car showed 915 on a Sunday evening.

As we drove home, we stopped at a traffic light and at the corner we noticed a retail womenswear store alit, one person inside, arranging clothes on the rack.

Reorganizing? Perhaps but an odd time of day and an unusual day of the week to be working in that industry.

Restocking? A continuous job, and perhaps a good sign there is enough business to replenish inventory from stock sold the the previous week.

Robbing? Hope not, we quipped. A well-dressed bandit then.

But the obvious fact was that the owner, we presume, was working the racks, when the customers were not. Rearranging for the coming week, at a time and day that allowed her to concentrate.

So is the life of the entrepreneurial retailer. Or wholesaler. Or consultant. Or professional practitioner.

We take the time to get back the order of our schedule, from the past week, with an eye to the coming. Catch up. Attend to procrastinated items on the list. Plan ahead. Reconstitute. Take stock of our business. No matter the day or time.

You probably have a story to relate about this, so please tell us. Mine: called out of a Broadway play to attend to an urgent client matter.

It’s what we do.

And to the LinkedIn readers who visit your profile, you will want to be relevant, open, and engageable for opportunity, 24x7x366 (even if it is not a leap year!).

Yes I am open Sundays at 915pm.