aerial photo of man jumping on cliff to the water

It’s easy to be anti-{fill in the blank}. I can name a laundry list of things I see that baffle and befuddle me to the point of buffoonery.

But I transgress.

It’s all about timing for me to admit to being pro-procrastination.

Let me tell you a story.

I ordered, awaited, and finally received “it.”

Now that I have it, I am procrastinating learning this new (nameless) process.

That’s not like me.

I usually jump in head first to deep-dive into a new idea, to meet an intriguing person, to absorb a new method of looking at things in my world.

But I am just not ready to give up all the other things I am already currently delving into, so much so to let the new process take over as another distraction at the expense of my others.

So I am shelving the process to spend implementing the new process until I can give it the time and attention it needs.

I am not sure if that is procrastination, or just mature realization that I need to meter it, measure by measure, so I am ready I give it the brain cells it deserves, it gets them.

Agree? Think I am sugarcoating a deeper issue? Procrastinating on giving me your opinion?

Let me hear from you with stories you can relate, to help me and others reading here, to tell how you handled this.