I had two notable visually jarring events occur in a row, so there’s something additional to blog about:

  1. I accepted a return speaking engagement and they posted my headshot from 2014 on the website announcing my talk. OK, 8 years, but yikes!
  2. I just saw a photo of an old colleague (“old” as in pre-pandemic) who had changed dramatically.

I had grown older, even after some slight photoshopping, when I compare the two headshots of myself, the old one and the most current Fall 2021 one.

He had visibly aged since I last saw him 2 1/2  years ago: rounder, greayer, other noticeable changes.

He did. I did too. We all do.

But the pandemic has caused many of us to accelerate the aging process without any real remedy. I see it a lot, in others, in my LinkedIn “travels” and they probably do for me.

That’s why I had another headshot series taken in Fall 2021.

So much in our worlds has changed. Not just physical. Mental adjustments to keep up with the zoom world. Psychological shifts to adjust to new life and career challenges. Weaving through employment hardships and opportunities, either engineered ourselves, or those we found ourselves amidst.


LIfe is good, so says the coffee cups. What you fill the cup with is what sustains you. How you sip from the cups is how you illustrate your steadfastness to remain relevant and a thought leader. We add more proverbial notches in the stick or develop more fissured crow’s feet around our eyes or need to loosen our belt to the next hole to accommodate the buckle.

What to do?

  • Embrace the changes.
  • Then get a new headshot.
  • Also, tell us why you do what you do in a revision to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Finally, be prepared to see others in a new world.

Did I forget anything?

Face it–these are the facts of life.