I am not sure if you recall the days when the corporate world went to half day Fridays and/or casual Fridays. What a shocking transition. I shudder when I recall what I wore to work in those days.

Today and everyday (including Fridays) for the past 20 years I dress appropriately for the audience I will encounter. No matter the hour of the day.

If by zoom, I assure you I am wearing pants.

If by phone, well, I may still be in my exercise gear.

If in person, always biz-caz.

I do meet outdoors for coffee on a limited basis. Nicely dressed out of respect for the person I am meeting.

Suit and tie? Not unless absolutely needed. But I always ask before I go to a client….not that I go to clients much any more.

A LinkedIn note on this topic: be sure your attire in your headshot is one level more formal than your peers or clients expect. It just makes you look better.

But my closet awaits, for me to be redressed again once this @#$&*^ing pandemic is behind us. No matter what day or time.