Remember the good ole days? 2 1/2 years ago? Before the dark ages?

We used to regularly meet, chat, sip our caffeinated beverage, and depart.

I did that today, with a coopetor, (we compete and cooperate simultaneously) as we sat in a cafe’s outdoor seating, air-hugged my meeting counterpart upon arrival and departure, and all-in-all, it was a most productive and collegial talk.

Not that I had any doubts it would be.

  • We spoke of the effect of COVID on our businesses. On our family. On our clientele.
  • I was pleased to hear that I am not the only one concerned about speaking live in front of a audience in a closed room.
  • I was pleased to benchmark our successes and milestones, family and professional ones.
  • I was relieved to hear that we share many of the same concerns.
  • I also have some new plans to make changes in my business approach, as did my counterpart.

We owe each other some follow-up items and names. Because that’s what we entrepreneurs do. We share.

Even in the most confusing times.

We all swim upstream in this weird world. We are trying daily to make our worlds more sensible and also thrive for the long-term.

Whatever obstacles are thrown at us.

It helps to get out of the office and get back to talking over coffee.

Have you?