red neon signage placed on window panel

Last Friday I had jury duty. Well, supposed to be.

On Thursday evening I could check online to see if I was needed. In fact, no one was needed. Collective “phew!”

So I was faced with the happy problem of using the found time.

I already had a list of things to do while idling in the courthouse, but now in the office I was refreshed with other more pressing assignments to attend to and focus further on my clients.

  • I put finishing touches on a Powerpoint deck for an upcoming return-engagement talk for a client
  • I read 2 articles that went step-by-step to learn a new online process to bring to certain clients
  • I scheduled with some to teach the above, virtually
  • I touched base with prospects whom I had sent proposals, “keeping it warm” and attached another copy to make my offering easy to evaluate
  • I wrote the coming week’s blog posts, including this one, for you because if you read me here you are my client

All promoting my client-centricity branding.

All on a summer Friday.

Instead of serving on a jury.

But the nagging truth remains: I did not relieve my jury obligation if the court cancelled jury selection for my day. They will come for me. I guarantee it.

I suppose it’s nice to be needed.