people standing on shore during golden hour

I gained hundreds of new family members this past weekend when my son was married.

Some of you reading here even asked if it was live streamed and watched as we experienced it.

I get a warm feeling knowing that my readers here, my LinkedIn connections, and my business colleagues are also part of my extended family.

We nurture each other, celebrate each other, and even sometimes experience sadness with each other, yet we bounce back and support each other in so many ways.

I am heartened to know I can reach out and expect to receive the same level of help from my “people” that I would willingly give them.

The Pointer Sisters’ song “We Are Family” said it well. But no one said it as well as a character on “Ted Lasso”

“To the family we’re born with, and the family we make along the way.”

Thank you all. It is my pleasure to take this path and be part of you and you part of me.