My clients bristle at having homework. Let’s consider the work my 1:1 coaching sessions require: more an investment in oneself  than a spurned assignment.

Let’s put our energy into accomplishing a better profile rather than wasting calories resisting the changes.

Let’s opt for a resulting finished product to be proud of, and yes all great works require some  degree of personal perspiration.

We are not taught to speak about why we exceed others’ capabilities, yet in the competitive LinkedIn world this is what you must tell, clearly and concisely with truth and introspection. “No one dances with a wallflower,” as my father used to say.

Be upfront, best foot in front, and know it’s OK to confront the reader with why you do what you do, and to get it out and in the open for all to see.

If your profile is honest and worded right, it will serve you well. So you can be searched, solicited, and then offered the opportunity to serve others’ needs that you alone possess so well. Hard work, yes. But worth it.