brown and black tiger showing tongue

In a podcast last week, the interviewer lamented that so many entrepreneurs do themselves a disservice by not using LinkedIn to its fullest. He asked me how they can make the most of it.

Of course, I had answers, and I will ask you to be patient for the podcast to be published in early July.

But his disappointment added to my own:

  • How many entrepreneurs need to express “why” them vs. the competition, not “what” they do
  • How the entrepreneur’s “why” is broadcast even better when a recommender adds their name and reputation: “You see his/her why? Let me tell you how well he/she does it!”
  • How many do not give themselves credit for their career journey, where their current skill sets are the product of past experience, brought forward to today to be played when needed, and put away until a future need arises
  • How many do not demonstrate their ability to write in simple terms the complex factors they take into account to give their clients’ challenges a clearer pathway
  • and those are only a few of them!

Need personal help getting out from under yourself to allow yourself the permission to express why you? You’ll do that with my coaching!

Need a program to bring the same concepts to your company, firm, organization? I do that too. We will plan my LinkedIn training program that meets your particular needs.

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Entrepreneurs of all stripes need to position themselves as the alpha in the pack, preeminent among the challenges in the business jungle out there. And roar, but done effectively.