A great article came out last week and I am offering here again JIC you missed it. Yes, from LinkedIn and yes, saying most of the tips and techniques I teach, except….

{sound of brakes squeal and stench of rubber burning}

I really take exception to this quote from that article:

A good one-two punch is to make the ‘About’ section your story and the ‘Experience’ section your company’s story.

Nope. Sorry, LinkedIn, but that’s for the company profile Page.

Why do you call it a personal profile page when you suggest using the company’s story there?

Isn’t it better to let the individual use his or her own personal career narrative story to articulate that 1-2 punch about themselves and let the company do its own on the company Page? One relates to the other and they intertwine, but I think you went too far in that quote for that otherwise excellent article.

Folks, don’t let a couple of lines spoil the intent of the article, and you are certainly entitled to come to your own conclusions and follow my advice above or not.

Just remember that people buy from you and stick with you for return orders or customer service. They want to “buy into you.”

And the last finger wag I will offer here: we are all in sales. So if the title of the article “Sellers: Your LinkedIn Profile Can Cost You Meetings. Here’s How to make it Great” made you think it is not for you, think again.

Make your personal profile your personal brand marketing. The company has experts to do that for them. Be the expert of your own brand.

Oh, and do everything else that article told you!