I tried something new. Well, not so new.

Something different.

I used to post LinkedIn articles, about once a month, but found that the audience was small and the work involved was not getting traction.

So I stopped. I doubt anyone noticed.

Then LinkedIn adjusted the articles feature to become a blog of sorts. It gives you a new soapbox, to a new audience, especially among followers.

So I decided to place my Back to Basics Tuesdays blog posts, simultaneously 1) on my LinkedIn profile as well as 2) in articles as “LinkedIn Nuggets.”

And the effect has been quite good. I am now getting engagement on my articles from a new subset: a more global audience.

Not that I am surprised. Just that they are coming once a week and perhaps that population is more accepting of a different schedule (weekly Tuesday mornings) than I have here (weekdaily).

New networks.

No scientific observations.

I noticed it and think it is worth commenting. It takes seconds to copy a blog post to an article.

Try it.

And it’s an honor to attract a new audience.