person in brown long sleeve shirt with white bandage on right hand

Every so often we need a boost, a nudge, a new surge to ward off those invisible somethings to avoid that try to bring us down.

What is he talking about, you wonder?

Well, I had my second booster shot against COVID on Sunday. Perhaps I should not start the previous sentence with “well”, but with “recuperating.” Because I expect, based on past 3 experiences, to be down and out for the count when you read this. And need the whole day to sleep it off.

Other parallel procrastinations can be fit into the same timeframe:

  • a project you need to complete yet lack the excitement to do so. You need a mental energy shot in the arm (or someplace else) to get you going. Just get going.
  • a pile of reading on your desk that needs thinning. You need quiet time to spend and cull through to prioritize and flag the “must-reads.”
  • a few thousand connections on LinkedIn that did not pan out. You need to cull out the ones that you do not recognize, see any hope for, or just wonder “what was I thinking when I agreed to connect?”
  • and finally, that all-important task of renovating your profile. You need the hydrating electrolyte blend of creativity and self-assessment to bring health and stamina back to that tired profile. The intent is to make the reader’s brain cells synapse and their muscles stretch to reach out to you, to get to know how you can help them, and/or them, you as a viable, professionally intelligent connection (not a casual dating partner) and soon a referral source, and who knows–a business client too!

Give your readers those cerebral-emotional shots in the arm to want to know more about you. But you have to take the first step: make them want to.

I’ll be back tomorrow, fully boosted.