bee over yellow flower

If you know me, I collect people like baseball cards.

And some of them got reshuffled to the back of the pile, but they are still there, on hold, waiting for me to reorder them forwards.

I found a way to bring them up to the front–completely by accident, but in retrospect, it makes perfect sense, and I am disappointed I did not think of this earlier.

Is the suspense killing you? Here’s what I found:

I am co-presenting on a LinkedIn Event with a great colleague Yvonne Dam, next week, and I have been steadily inviting connections, new and old.

I am amazed at response rate from the longer-term (dare I say older?) connections with whom I have not had regular touch. Some have been real surprises. Some have even sent messages to me they are anticipating this.

So the moral of this blogpost: hold an Event and invite those you have fallen out of regular touch with, among others, and bring them back to their attention forefront to hear you in your current, more experienced, improved-with-age-and-time persona. They will want to know what you have to say, as I have found.

I look forward to having them on the Event.

I look forward to hearing their voices in Q&A at the end.

I look forward to the cross-pollination that I know occurs in my sessions among new and renewed colleagues.

I look forward to helping them again, even after a span of time that has been quiet among us,  each of us pursuing our destinies as entrepreneurs and professional practitioners.

Buzzing with excitement. You are invited too, but please register ahead.