It’s as if you are floating, when you feel the other person’s joy in why they do what they do.

They have been lifted to a higher level. You cheer them on for their current accomplishment, and the next.

You can levitate on LinkedIn with them. How?

You want them to know you patted them on the back for a job well done, an honor well-deserved, a certification or honorific well earned. Even for the small things, like another podcast interview.

For some this is a momentous achievement when first entering the podcaster circuit, I liken it for to a first podcast kiss. For others it’s another one in a series and not so monumental but still worth an atta-person.


Because anyone who is connected to you, and to them—even better: if they know your reputation of applauding others sincerely–will recognize you, and them, as people worth noticing.

Perhaps following. Connecting. Business ensues. Referral fly.

Ahem, congratulate in words, please. (You already know my feelings about click-and-run emojis.)

Be verbally, sincerely, realistically, happy for others’ successes.

Share in broadcasting their success and in doing so, you hop on theirs too as an advocate for recognition of great work by cherished colleagues.

What goes around comes around. Right?

Reach out and e-touch someone on LinkedIn.