I spoke of this last week. I need to go deeper into this for others who appreciated what I said there. I noticed some of my fellow LinkedIn gurus commenting about this topic as well, so (I am sad to say that) I feel the need to repeat an August 17, 2020 blog piece I think has remained relevant:

Feel free to share this. Stop the abuse.

I am totally sick and tired of being asked to connect to mostly young women either in made-up universities, or bitcoin strategists who look wrong for the part. Or a headshot of a famous person as theirs. Pu-leze!

And changing the default on my profile to encourage them to follow me instead of connecting does not work (found in your Settings), so in my case, LinkedIn has not been able to stop these affronts and wastes of time.

The above graphic shows the fast steps to take, what we all have to do to self-police LinkedIn from these fakes.

Please join me in this. Ask your connections to do so as well. Let’s make this a large grass-roots effort and stop the abuse.