You know this is a “kneaded” part of your LinkedIn profile: cast a shadow (in a good way) on the work you create and let others admire you for it to stop by and buy.

It’s a standard as old as sliced bread itself!

But how do you rise above the rest and develop the aroma, the crust, the texture (“chew” as bakers call it), to be uniquely savored?

You practice your LinkedIn profile and develop the  recipe of themes and stories that demonstrate why you.

You mix the ingredients of your profile, proportionately  and give it time to rise then let it cool. Perhaps you have to start all over again because it went flat, or you doctor the special sauce story of you and retweak it until it’s perfect.

Easy to write in one sitting? No.

Fast and something to do while listening to a podcast or zoom webinar ? Distraction will not help.

A copy-paste job from your resume? Better not.

A project to have someone write for you? I’d say that would be their voice in your mouth. You are not a ventriloquist’s dummy.

You are a pro. You act like a pro so you had better appear like a pro in the eyes of other pros in your branding.

Let them taste the morsels, enough and as often as they  will want to buy a loaf.

Or more. Think baker’s dozen.