brown wooden bench beside brown wooden wall during daytime

I received a compliment from a new coaching client:

I coach well because I spend time listening to what, how, and spend extra time unpacking “why” the client answers a series of hard-hitting questions the way they do, all this in our first exploratory session.

Often this sets the tone and basis of the themes we need to present, buried deep inside after years of pushing it down, or holding it back.

It’s a pleasure to see them on zoom (or in ancient pre-pandemic history, face-to-face) when we discover a whole new territory to explore, path find a way to get deeper to the source of their impasse, and to see their face beam when this lightens their load, eases their confusion. It’s different with each, as we all bear the burden of our personal history: mentally, professionally, and cerebrally.

And that’s only in session 1!

3 more to go.

And the finale: when all the parts of the puzzle come together and session 4 is the reflection on when we came from, to, how we accomplished this together–them writing it, me coaching them.

Then they can move forward, on their own, to apply what they have learned, in innumerable ways.

Often they refer me onto others. Ah that’s sweet!