LinkedIn profile renovations require planning, drafting, editing, tweaking, and graphics to best prove the point.

So if you allocated an afternoon to this, think again. It is very time-consuming. It always feels like heavy lifting, but it starts with repetition with smaller weights, crunched repeatedly and handled increasingly well, then advancing upward to larger ones, adding to the overall strength you show.

It’s an investment in your strength: time spent, experience, capability to leap tall buildings in a single bound. But even Clark Kent had to start somewhere.

You should too:

1) Write one section at a time based on the plot plan of your career narrative. Like chapter 1 of your novel, it has to start punchy and catch the imagination and creative thirst of the reader. That’s the purpose of your Headline.

2) Let it cool. Reexamine it when you are fresh, make edits, let it cool again. Repeat.

3) Then chapter 2 is your About section.

4) Then on to your Chapter 3, Experience with each job showing increased sophistication and insight into the harder tasks gray-haired wisdom brings.

5) Keep moving to all your profile sections an ace them all.

Keep at it. It will build. One profile section at a time, in repetition, but in different ways, to get your point across.

Because who absorbs anything just once these days? Keep nipping away at the goal. Since you already know how the profile will end, i.e., being contacting you as the desired effect, keep exploring and expanding the memorable themes in your career story.

Strength comes with practice. And time spent perfecting there.

What we see outwardly is only part of what you possess inwardly. Be strong. Be resolute. Be real.