Did you know that smart LinkedIn users can find fellow alums on LinkedIn, where they are located now, what they do, and other selections, and rekindle old friendships?


Perhaps a name pops in your mind and you wonder, “I really liked that person, and it’s been a long time, but I’d love to catch up!”

Who knows where the conversation may lead, perhaps to a business opportunity! How cool is that?

If you are educated in this easy way to find old classmates, you’ll go to your alma mater’s LinkedIn Page, sort alums by start and graduating year, and can find your frat and sorority brothers/sisters, club members, old roomies, and yes, classmates.

But the trick is that they have to list their graduation year on LinkedIn.

Conversely, that’s important for you to do too. Then they can find you as well.

There, I said it. Thus, we conclude another episode I will call “One Great Reason To List Your Graduating Year” in the soap opera called “I Don’t Want Anyone on LinkedIn To Know How Old I Am.”

For the record, I am class of 1977 University of Virginia, College of Arts and Sciences, and then MBA class of 1979 George Washington University, as you can see openly listed on my profile.

Suire, the reader of my profile will know how old I am +/-, (do the math), but then I expect they will also look at my headshot, my experience history, and see my gray hair.

OK, lack thereof.

I list my graduation year to get found and use it to find others. You should too.