woman showing apple and bitten doughnut

Some habits are hard to beat. Usually not-so-good ones. (Name your poison}.

Others are hard to start. More often, beneficial ones. Like eating healthy.

Here’s one that is a win-win for everyone: get in the habit of commenting with value and relevance on other people’s posts.

You look good, your colleague appreciates your contributed support, and all the readers of your, and your colleague’s, posts benefit too!

Resolve to add value, experience, warmth, appreciation. Be a mensch. Here’s the script to plant that seed to make this work, one great connection at a time (yes, it really happened!):

  • Her: Hey Marc. Thanks for commenting on my posts. Let me return the favor. Do you post at specific times?
  • Me: Yes, every weekday morning at 800 EST, and let’s make this a habit. Much for us both to share!

There, folks, you have a commitment to nurture. Make it a habit.