people on a video call

For the past 2 years I have been working from my home office. As have you.

But isn’t working from home isolating?

It doesn’t have to be. In fact there is a silver lining.

I have been so fortunate and found ways carefully to curate amazing, giving, brilliant people all over the world whom I may never meet face-to-face; nonetheless, I trust them to service my clients as part of a team of experts I bring with me: me and them, with our combined experience, topical knowledge, customer-centricity, follow-through: all second-to-none. We are, in essence, links in a strong chain of intelligence, communicated via zoom and other electronic media.

My iteam. Them on mine, me on theirs.

How well do you surround yourself with respected, treasured colleagues whom you can draw upon?

You can ask for referrals from those you trust.

You can meet them online, ask probing questions, evaluate their sense of style and dedication to their artful skills (or is it skillful art?) from conversation. Start by asking them to help you, or you might volunteer to help them: all of this willingly, generously, socially, professionally, achieving the challenge of meshing cultures, languages, and standards to bring cohesive thought leadership to the global meeting table you set for your clients.

Is your goal to be the go-to in your field, eclipsing the competition for your clients? Do you revel in being considered part of your clients’ iteam(s)?

Then it pays to connect and collect the best of the best in your iteam. That’s your mark on your iteam. Or your iteam’s mark on you.

Mirrored, reflective, interactive.

Make your work a memorable experience, show you care, pay attention to detail, and demonstrate good judgment by bringing your iteam of vetted, trusted, nurtured colleagues to the proverbial clients’ business table.

Consider connecting into and among many iteams. Draw on one or more as needed. Cherry pick. Nurture. Excel. Rinse, repeat.

Someday we will emerge from the pandemic and recirculate. Perhaps you already do. For now we work with the best, anywhere in the world; so get ready to continue your best practices, some subsets of your iteam(s) in person and some will always be by video!

You knew I was going to say this: use LinkedIn well as THE tool to catalog, collect, and connect the talent you crave for your iteam(s).