Simon Sinek’s book “Start with Why” extols the higher level of thinking that it takes to answer “why” than “what.”

“What” is factual, able to be found by a google search. “Why” connects facts in a new, personal way to provide a perspective, a new viewpoint, a twist on the commonly-accepted norm in an uncommonly-perplexing time. Why your world rocks because you opine about your why.

So when you click “like” or “kudos” on someone’s post, you are not extending the global, professional, educational, vital conversation that LinkedIn serves, just murmuring into a vacuum.

Your commenting with why you agree tells the person who posted the original material why you agree, or see their point and raise them a few million brain cells with your own vision and experience. You educate others and differentiate yourself from the competition, and subsequent readers of the conversation around why this topic is essential points to you, for the value you added.

So tell us why in your world you feel this way, why you should be sought in the world of your industry, and best of all, why you do what you do to make yourself a world-recognizable force to listen and learn from.

If you do not tell why, we pass you by. Life will too. Opportunity will never knock if you just use emojis. Success will never come to those who blend in.

Take a stand, showing you not only understand, but stand out.