Any time you can learn from others’ point of view and can glean and then invest into your own betterment is time well spent.

But you may not realize a verbal nugget at the moment you read or hear it; you can only hope to draw upon it later at a more opportunistic time.

Which should convince you to spend time with those smarter than you. Or more experienced. Or more worldly. Or in a different industry. Or not. Because we can learn from everyone.

But within self-determined limits. Notice I am not saying to connect to anyone who asks. That’s not learning enough about them to add them to your privileged connection group, because I will bet you a virtual cup of coffee, that you will never speak to more than 75% of those you connect to, if you do so blindly.

A simplistic “I’d like to connect with you on LinkedIn,” does not resound any sufficient action by either party, unless you have met them, really conversed with them, adopted a new viewpoint as a result: before, not after you ask to connect on LinkedIn.

So meet, then step back to chat, then forward to find the energy to connect with the partner, then connect. Then see where it takes you.

The LinkedIn dance has its formalized steps, practiced enough to become natural movement, the beat of the music added later to the steps; then you sway smoothly on the LinkedIn dance floor.

Get caught up in the tempo, giving the motions their meaning.

Find great people to partner with and the scene will be liquid.