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Years ago a potential business partner and I hatched a plan to make a business out of advising travelers how to get the most out of their airline miles. In the heyday of corporate international travel, we had amassed thousands of airline miles that the company did not ask to accrue. It was all ours, to utilize well or waste as we pleased.

So it is with LinkedIn.

We knew that the more we flew, the more we could benefit. Usage brings rewards.

It took strategies and analysis to find the best ways to benefit. Thinking and planning is essential.

We had to be vigilant and constantly review mileage balances. Being aware of opportunities and being in the moment paid off.

And best of all, we enjoyed the challenge. A game of strategy can be fun too.

{Now go back once again and review the bold, italicized comments above and think of how LinkedIn similarly applies.}

My Brazilian banking friend used to challenge me as we worked to find new ways to finance the company I worked for. “Fly with me,” he would say.

I say use LinkedIn to soar.