We revel in our days off.

But that does not mean our minds shutter too. On LinkedIn, I do not expect the same number of readers on Saturdays and Sundays as in the other days of the week. Blog posts take a rest.

Some people catch up on their reading during these days.

Some check out of LinkedIn completely.

That’s OK, I get the need to relax and discharge.

So when I do post on weekends, I reserve it for certain types of posts. I keep the content light and add only short comments to an article I picked up the previous week and reserve for these days.

Something universal, something akin to a feature article in a newspaper: human interest, upcoming special events worth keeping an eye out, a new topic that is trending. I ask easy questions seeking factual answers that are readily at hand. Top of mind.

Like an article about gas prices that I found, then I posted to LinkedIn, and added my comments, light and easy, also asking what gas prices are in your area.

Not much of a bite on that bait, but it did put me back in touch with a long-time friend in Colombia who took the time to answer easy my call to action, and then we conversed a couple of times on LinkedIn. But we are back in touch again.

That’s the point. Being in touch. You never know who is watching, so take each opportunity to show them why to notice you. Why you.

Sometimes all it takes is a question you pose to get answered, and the rest is in your hands to keep the connection warm.

Try it. Let me know if you find any success. Post something this weekend.

Be approachable and you will be approached. 24×7.