So you hit a rough spot, a crash, a chasm. You failed. As was commented by a reader to this LinkedIn news story (yes you can get your news from LinkedIn too!):

Failure is painful and humbling but it takes fierce women and men to try and reach new heights in human capabilities…

You picked yourself up.

How do you tell that on LinkedIn? How can you make yourself not look weak? How does it make you appear a better person as a result?

Or do you just pretend it never happened?

Answer to the first 3: you honestly reflect back in your profile on how the humbling experience of loss and missed opportunity made you stronger, wiser, better than before the incident, and to this day. Answer to the fourth question: never leave out a period of your professional life on LinkedIn because it WILL expose you and you don’t want that.

You tell what you failed to consider and how that will not occur again. You tell how you picked up all the little emotional shards and reassembled your pride and self-respect, making you a sharper and more enlightened professional.

In sum, you tell the story. Your story. Think of any great novel or film and consider the POV of the main protagonist. The arduous journey. Eventually the hero comes out better in the long run. Lives happily ever after.

Because you must too, and redeem yourself for it.