three people in blue crew neck shirts with happy faces

Working on a new long-term project?

Have an event you are speaking at?

Have an article that will be published soon?

Is your book in final editing?

Been quoted in a publication?

All these career events can be dripped in to LinkedIn, to be anticipated and appreciated by your connections. They are rooting for you (and you root for them too, right?)

Resist the emojis; rather, commit to keying in a phrase of compliments, in writing, to show your excitement. Mentioning their name in the comment is cool too:

“Looking forward to this, Casey, you so deserve it!”

“The attendees are in for a treat and Scott, your perspective is always refreshing.”

“Rob, your new book will be a hit, I know it!”

“What a great title, Diane. I know the article will be even more meaningful to so many.”

“Landing a quote in that publication is an honor, Kimberly, so congrats!”

You get recognized for what you give.

Spend a little time and expend a little emotion in your comment on the other’s post. This effort takes calories and brain cells too.

Be a rah-rah, it’s OK. So long as it is sincere and personalized.

Your recipient will appreciate the combined words into warm wishes so much more than a limp click on an insincere smiley face or inanimate clapping hands.

And yes, everyone who sees your colleague’s post inhales your great admiration.

That makes you and the others who join you in commenting more real, more evocative, so be effusive in your message. A reader of your comment might even look at your profile and want to get to know more about you. Let them appreciate your efforts.

Don’t be a click.