As kids, we played simple games. Catch me games. Someone was always “it.” Usually the weakest, most vulnerable, youngest kids, like that was a position of shame.

As adults we play games of “it” too, but being “it” is an opportunity to shine, to excel, to be recognized for exceeding expectations.

My tagline: “we exceed expectations.” It appears on my every email and all over my social media.

I live it. I receive unsolicited comments back that I personify my tagline. I have posted those quotes from clients and group trainees who appreciated my going above-and-beyond, especially useful in my LinkedIn profile. After all, isn’t it better to show what others say about working with you, than you just saying how wonderful you are?

Oh, and add to that list of quotes demonstrating earned admiration: LinkedIn skills endorsements and client Recommendations.

I want to be “it,” the professional you think of, so tag me, play our entrepreneurial game, and let’s win, as a unified team.

You want to be “it.” Do you use your tagline in your marketing, specifically your social media marketing, and even more granularly, in your highly searchable, attention-getting LinkedIn profile sections (Headline, About, Experience)?

Does your tagline tell why you are “it”?