The pandemic has to be recorded in history as two momentous years for intense introspection. I know I have expanded my thought processing and I hope you have taken it as a growth opportunity for increasing your inward improvement.

Understood, a nonprofit “dedicated to helping those who learn and think differently thrive at home, in school and in life” published a single page that hangs on my wall “15 growth mindset questions” that I will spin into ways to rethink your LinkedIn presence.

  1. What made you think hard today?

Well, the answer to that on a Saturday morning when you can normally find me plunking out the coming week’s blog posts, is “what can I say for the coming week in 5 pieces that will add value to the mindsets of my blog readers, LinkedIn connections and other social media followers?

And the answer is: Drawing from real-life experience (mine, others’, influencers), I distill their why into lessons we can learn from.

Already today I scheduled a timely piece about how entrepreneurs need to seize the moment no matter what time zone the operate in to be attractive to those in other places 24×7, a back-to-basics post on the LinkedIn protocols of setting up a company Page, and a retrospective of a friend we lost and how LinkedIn became a memorial to him, until, and how the family decides to remove his profile.

I always say “I can’t make this stuff up,” and you provide me the incentive to keep adding to the material you tell me matters. I produce mindset teasers here every business morning at 8am to start your thinking process well and last the whole day.

So, what made me think hard today? In short, how to be relevant and “in the moment” to assess whatever I can help you with, in this rollercoaster career journey we are in.

Tomorrow: part 2: what would you do differently next time to make things work better?