I am making a request:

Can we all be just a little bit more honest with each other and reply to the proposals you asked me for: with a yes, or a no?

Or simply reply to my email asking for a zoom meeting: yes or no thanks?

Or stop saying that you have this or that happening and I should come back in the spring?

Entrepreneurism is like fishing, yes, as every contact with a prospect biting is a rosy possibility, but I will start cutting bait more readily.

Prospect, your radio silence can be interpreted as:

  1. Never seeing my email which happens to many people deluged with spam.
  2. Or ignoring me for lack of respect or your professionalism.
  3. Your office burned down (it’s happened!)
  4. Or finally, because you enjoy the sport of putting vendors through the paces.

I’m over soliciting and imploring and reminding and asking once again.

I am hunting, not foraging to subsist.

But the offenders are probably not reading me here anyway.

After I wrote this, I noticed LinkedIn’s Sales Blog ran an article titled “4 Surefire Signs It’s Time to Walk Away from a Prospect” that complements my frustration points, with their valid educational pointers.

I am still learning.

I think a healthy conversation can surround this issue. In words.

What do you do when the prospect seems to vaporize?