How could I have been so dense? Why didn’t I dip a toe into the Clubhouse pool earlier?

Well, not being one to fret over missed opportunity I tried it, and “Hey Mikey, he liked it!”

I am now regularly scheduling myself to listen (and participate–because you know me, I have to offer something…) to learn from my two esteemed colleagues

Diane DiResta, whom I met 18+ years ago, liked immediately, emulated her styler points, and all along admired her artfulness,


Scott Mason my brotherly muse (pun intended!) whom I met early virtually in the pandemic yet it feels like decades of close collaboration. We even met in person once, albeit for a short time.

How’s that for 2 introductions?

Diane and Scott (LinkedIn profiles here too) cohost a Clubhouse session aptly called “Confidence Clarity Charisma” every Friday (as in today!) at 1100am EST that delves into some really deep concepts surrounding listening, speaking, writing, and interpersonal communication.

I always leave with a patina of new understanding. And get exposed to bit more Greek mythology too…

I suggest you try them out.

Not a LinkedIn post today, but one about 2 people rocking Clubhouse.