In 2021 I greatly expanded my LinkedIn connections across the world.

It started with Australian Jurgen Strauss‘s InnovaBiz global meetup (and congrats to him on his 500th podcast, one of which I had the pleasure of being interviewed), where luck had me in two breakout rooms in a series of 2 meetups with Vancouver’s visionary who will connect the world’s great brains Maxine Cunningham. Max put me in a cohort together with three of the most wonderful people I regard as family: the most cerebral and philosophical web designer I ever met Gabe van Bergen (also Vancouver), and Johannesburg’s uniquely altruistic mentor to indigenous entrepreneurs Eugenie Drakes, and the colorful woman of vast wisdom from life experience bi-continental Yoka Brouwer, a library of insight unto herself.

I saw them interacting deeply (so I wanted in too) with Amsterdam’s multipotentialite oracle Perry Knoppert, who introduced me to Tel Aviv’s insightful and witty Inbal, and then Eugenie asked me to speak about LinkedIn to her cohort of South African and Zimbabwean budding entrepreneurs, and I introduced them to my inner entourage, and then…, and then…, and in my latest deskchair travel, last week I met Ghanaian William Plange, another entrepreneur with fire in his belly.

(And if I left anyone out, it’s unintentional! My heart swells when I think of my dozens of new colleagues around the world who comment on my comments and nurture my soul as I offer them a small piece of my brain daily.)

Look these people up on LinkedIn and you will see how fortunate I consider myself to be, as a result of learning from them. After all, where else in the world would I come across the idea of PechaKucha????

If you know me, you’re already aware I feed on interpersonal contact. Yes I miss in-person meetings. But zooming and whatsapp-ing with really bright stars across the world is equivalently fulfilling.

You will hear no complaints from me like “I’m zoomed out” and (did you know?) now you can zoom right from LinkedIn, so in a few clicks you can tune into the world’s best minds.

Connect to collaborate with these amazing friends.

Feed your own global conversation. It’s easy, if you want to, expanding your mental horizons, crossing time zones, leaping hemispheres, bridging national pride, respecting international date lines, even bumbling in second languages if you dare! And “todah rabbah” (thank you) to Inbal for tolerating my rusty Hebrew!

Readers, I say to you: be out and about, jump into the global idea exchange, get into the mix, even from your own desk!

Be LinkedIn. Don’t miss the mind-bending global opportunity available to you.

Marc W. Halpert

LinkedIn personal coach, group trainer, marketing strategist and overall evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate better!

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