Some prospects asked me to reapproach them in January to coach them personally or train their staff as a group.

Yes, LinkedIn is considered by some a soft skill, not something that contributes to the bottom line.

Screech of brakes…


Investing in your brand brings more eyes, and thus referrals, and then potential business to your revenue stream. Your bottom line. Your cash flow. All business vital signs. Thump-thump.

So if you have some ‘splainin’ to do “why you do what you do” and how you are amazing-er than the competition, now is the time.

Not when it’s too late and you missed the opportunity to be a business partner. Because you will never know you missed it; you were not considered.

Those “call me later” folks? They are already hearing from me!

Their brand image is my priority. Make yourself and how you energetically appear to others a top priority. Now.

Not later.