A week from today is Christmas Eve day. And a week after that New Year’s Eve day.

Is 2021 all packed and wrapped up for you, or do you have some overhanging to-do’s to do?

It’s fine to have some receivables and some payables in the entrepreneurial time continuum.

One payable you owe yourself may be unpacking and then rewrapping your LinkedIn profile.

Yes, it’s not a task I understand you would first rush to perform. But it is a necessity of modern business to have a LinkedIn profile. And, I may add, a great one. No, make that an amazing-er one.

Whether you can, or want to, go it alone or with help, get started in the quieter, retrospective next couple of weeks.

Perhaps a coach can elicit from you some new themes and threads to weave that you were not consciously aware of. Subconsciously yes, but how else than writing it well, really well, in your profile would you offer that for others to read and assess?

That’s a new receivable that will pay you back.

So, adapting “you don’t cut your own hair, you don’t pull your own teeth,” I will be brazen enough to ask, “do you need some help with that profile?”