people taking photo front of green tree

Last weekend I had the delight to meet my future daughter-in-law’s extended family and life-long family friends at her and my son’s engagement event.

Multi-cultural, multi-generational, global, local, drove hours to get there or zooming in from all corners of the earth and all time zones, warmly welcoming, beautiful in every aspect as we all grow together.

A feast for the senses: rainbows of color, musical entertainment, zesty food, deep conversations, wafting aromas.

Best of all, dozens of wonderful people pouring out friendship to us and reflecting on their loving relationship with our new in-laws (“in-laws” is a strange word, isn’t it? Is that all there is?)

Driving home we discussed the whole event at length, and I am still absorbing the moments and tidbits as they come to mind.

A parallel occurred to me: I share similar beautiful relationships with my LinkedIn family. Yes, I know them longer in time so far, multi-cultural, multi-generational, local, further away, in-person or by phone or email or by text or by zoom, still warmly welcoming at each encounter, beautiful in every aspect, as we help each other grow together.

Ain’t life grand?