crop person with sub sandwich

In this season of eating, you may want to consider how your LinkedIn profile is plated, served to your readers, and how tasty–or not–you come across at first bite.

Can you appeal to their olfactory senses to make them want to follow you?

Once they visit, are you layering the textural themes you want the reader to appreciate?

With time spent reading, can they take your career narrative in: just one giant bite, or do they crave snacking on your profile as they nibble away?

How will they best enjoy all the various themes you present? Everyone’s taste is different, of course. But no one will be motivated by a bland, tasteless wallflower self-presentation.

So finally, have you wrapped it all up in a call to action, your being accessed once as a sample and then over and over again?

Salivate, savor, savvy: sandwich simile.