I was approached, out of the blue, by a woman in the Midwest looking for LinkedIn coaching for her new business.

I looked at her profile. It was OK enough, but deficient in the usual ways I coach others to tell their “why.”

Third level connected to me so no one to ask about her. Decent website.

We agreed to, and I set up an initial zoom conversation. She never replied to accept my scheduling invitation but that’s not necessarily a bad omen, as I find. Many people do not commit as professionally as I would like, unfortunately.

I got stood up.

Later: “I was with a tax advisor and I’ll have to schedule a time with you probably a week out like Monday. Im kinda booked out tight.”

OK, that taxed my patience. No “Sorry, my mistake. Let me own it. I’ll schedule with you.” Not feeling right. But with a good website and anemic LinkedIn profile I could make a difference for her, so I followed a professional process. I gave her the benefit of the doubt although the doubt part was surging.

I scheduled another time, no reply to my invite again and yes, got stood up. Email: “Marc I am sorry I blew a tire yesterday trying to pull off the road yesterday for a fire truck because the person next to me didn’t understand that you pull into the right lane. It kinda threw my whole day off.”

Yes, and deflated my schedule too, although I did multitask out a great thank-you email to a referral partner while I zoom waited (again) for her to show. Dead time can be used wisely…

One last time, from me: “That’s 2x we missed. Shoot me some times Thursday or Friday this week that work for you and I will try once more with you.” She responded and we scheduled once more.

“Why am I subjecting myself to this?” the lizard brain in my head is screaming. I really try so hard to anticipate others’ issues that I am not seeing or privy to and not jump to conclusions on anyone. Try to be professional and patient. Try, I said.

Back on zoom, I arrived a couple of minutes early waiting for her….at the 15-minutes-late point I left. But in the meantime I put some finishing touches on a proposal I had been working on, benefitting people who value my time and experience.

Not her.

3 strikes.

You’re out! You lost the inning and the game.

Photo credit: adapted from https://i.imgflip.com/1prrgm.jpg