man in red polo shirt sitting near chalkboard

I can’t hear you on LinkedIn.

You are merely a spectator.

You don’t add comments to others’ posts.

You do not offer original thought to make yourself stand out.

You seem afraid to regularly tell us what you are thinking.



Business you are winning.

New association with colleagues, clients, connections.

You think lazily giving “likes” and “thumbs up” and clapping hand “kudos” is enough.

Not why you liked, thumbs-upped, or kudoed. Use words, people! Your thoughts and observations.

And you complain that you don’t get anything back from LinkedIn?

Obviously, you cannot even hear yourself. Because you are tone-deaf to what LinkedIn is all about.

Passive behavior here can’t be good for new business. Or your brand. Or your street creds. You will eventually be forgotten and ignored for lack of participation.

Am I being too direct? You need tough love.

Can you hear me?