We humans are amazing. We can re-create time, as we did last weekend when we changed clocks (in most places here, but not all, so that makes the practice even more mind-bending. Time on one side of a state boundary is different than on the other…hmmm… I need to get my mind around that.)

We need to be in charge of our own concept of time as experience. As you can see, the above graphic shows hope: we are somewhere on our own time continuum, can only learn from the past, apply that today, and improve on it tomorrow.

We don’t fall back or spring forward or add an extra day of experience every 4 years. Our experience is continuously spent: built, accumulated, revised, and enhanced.

That’s the career narrative you want to tell in every section of your LinkedIn profile.

Please review yours for the story of your experience, onward from your humble career beginnings to today, onwards to the rosy outlook that a prospective client feels is possible in your mutual futures.

Time elapses upwards: as you improve, you earn your stripes. Is your story telling that well?