There is a Facebook page for our local garden fans that I follow. The other day a woman in town offered morning glory seeds.

I have a lot of chain link fencing around my back yard and that’s a perfect place to let these vines wander and show their fast-and-furious flowers (they only last 1 day). A multitude of seeds and thus plants would be a feast for the eye.

So when she offered, I jumped at the opportunity.

Backstory: the previous week she had offered Mexican cucumbers and I was fortunate to receive 20 of these tiny round fruits, now drying out in front of my dehumidifier to gather their seeds for next growing season.

It turns out she and I have a good friend in common, which may have some bearing on the huge number of morning glory seed pods she gave me. Each pod contains 5 or 6 seeds, now I have hundreds of seeds also in front of my dehumidifier.

In turn I left her some African marigold flowers, full of seeds and some cosmos seeds I had harvested this summer. We traded ideas to help each other best grow the seeds we received, based on experience. We never met, though the seed exchange occurred on her porch.

Metaphor pivot to your LinkedIn posts: familiarity and generosity go together.

We bonded on a topic we share an interest in, yet no face-to-face contact, over a friend in common, and reciprocated with small gifts via comments of encouragement, freely offering experiential tips to do better. You can do this too on LinkedIn.

How rich is that?