photo of woman wearing traditional dress

Yesterday was Halloween. The evening before the Day of the Dead, a tradition that harkens back from Aztec tradition, among many.

Today’s topic: appearing lifeless in LinkedIn profiles.

I cannot tell you how many people seem to slay themselves over things other than their obituary-like LinkedIn profile, a copy-paste version of their resume (itself as if your life were over, all past-oriented).

I see really fascinating people stuck in time warps and old formats we used to advise for LinkedIn, but no more, keeping them from expressing why they do what they do and how they can help you, the reader.

I see dead people, yes really, who already died, yet their work anniversaries, and sometimes their birthdays, are reported to me on LinkedIn, to encourage me to contact them. I think that’s a waste of time, don’t you?

An aside: the steps to take for removing dead people’s LinkedIn profiles are found at

And I see zombies: those who left a company yet they show they still work there, now, on their profile. I had to remind a lawyer to make that change in his Experience section when he left one and went to a rival firm, even though he did announce the change in a post to his connections. He forgot one important step. Oops.

Don’t be deathly boring, deathlike, or dead on LinkedIn, if you can help it. Be lively, relevant, and amazing-er.