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Are business cards a pandemic relic?

Recall your high school English lit class, reading Dickens, and the scenes where suitors would present a calling card at the door to visit with their love interest?

Or was that mentioned in the Cliff Notes? You do not have to answer that…

Well, I still have a few thousand business cards for my various companies, boxed, on a shelf, and I don’t think anyone uses them anymore.

Besides they mention other ancient details, like a PO box and a fax number I once used. No need to send anything there and the sender be stymied.

We can so easily attach our full contact details on an email, in a text, QR code, and yes, on LinkedIn for all to see.

Up to date and tested for accuracy as a link. Yes, test all your links in your LinkedIn profile. Be sure they work.

Allow a suitable caller, or emailer or texter, to pay you a visit and woo you.

4 thoughts on “Are business cards a pandemic relic?”

  1. Am I a Pandemic Relic, too? I don’t think so. I have been offering printing services for over 40 years and recently, I have done quite a few business card orders for my loyal fans. Business cards are a very valuable touch point and when sent together with a perfect promotional product, it strengthens the relationship you have with your clients or prospects a lot more than a email ever will. Like not having your contact info in your LinkedIn profile, if someone cannot reach you, they probably won’t and you will not receive their business.

  2. As a fan of the business card, I’ve been trying to figure out my best response to this post. I’ve always had a card on a cool stock (vellum – thank you Steve Isaacson for sourcing this for me!)

    So…yesterday, after finishing my workout at the gym, I sought some heat from the sauna. Soon after I sat down, another guy joined and was a bit chatty. In no time we discovered we are both business owners – he being a jewelry designer. Soon into the conversation, he asked for my business card. He has since emailed me and we have plans to speak about his branding this week.

    This wouldn’t have happened with my having a card relatively handy.

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