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On renaming today

We used to observe Columbus Day the second Monday of October. But with historical reference to the atrocities leveled on indigenous peoples in America, it’s more politically correct and morally sensitive to provide original inhabitants of this land with a rightfully earned national holiday of their own. Today is officially renamed.

Thinking more broadly, let’s make every day one to embrace the wide diversity we bring to the proverbial table, express our common perceptions, share our personalities, and celebrate our differences.

{Segue…} so let’s make the LinkedIn experience we share broad and deeper, ever richer as we find common ground to nurture our customs together.

Yes, let’s express self-identity and business persona on LinkedIn, in your personal and company profiles, with comments, posts, articles, all within our shared community guidelines.

It only makes you even more attractive, enhances our world view and image of you as a prospective partner, and better incorporates all of us into our ongoing global positive conversation on LinkedIn.


Happy Indigenous Peoples Day.

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  1. Indigenous peoples are the “living descendants of pre-invasion inhabitants of lands now dominated by others.
    I was here before the digital invasion of NYC which is now dominated by the web.
    I am an Indigenous Printer.

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